Caldera Utopia Series Hot Tubs

New for 2016, the Utopia Series represents a luxury hot tub and the ultimate rejuvenation experience. Beautifully designed and styled with the wide range of options, there are 4 luxurious models available. Learn more below or Get Pricing on the Caldera Utopia Series Hot Tubs!

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Exclusive Utopia Features

  1. Bar top has crisp lines with large flat surfaces and more room to set a drink
  2. The filter grate design hides the compartment and reduces noise
  3. Durable and innovative Avente Cabinetry is available in three earth mineral hues
  4. Dimensional stainless steel trim and black spacer highlight the spa’s appear
  5. Integrated cabinet lighting brightens all four corners and the surrounding area. The lighting can be set to automatically come on at the same time every evening.
  6. A functional diagnostic logo light shows that the spa is working at the proper temperature and whether it needs servicing.

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Caldera Utopia Series


4 Utopia Models Available:

More information coming soon.

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